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I have gone into many relationships, but nothing has lasted. This time it was something different. I am a businessman living in London, thirty-five years old and have one son. I got into divorce three years ago. We have moved on both, and I am free to visit my son. Since then, I have not entered into any relationship but focus myself on my business. We are a shoemaker for more than three years now. And along the years our company proliferates. I also spare time to do my hobbies, since I love to play golf I do it every weekend. My playmates were also my co-owner of the business, and we like to play when feeling bored. Other than that, I love travels. Travel helps me escape from reality and work. I want to meditate and relieve myself from too much work. I loved beaches and went there to relax. Never in my dreams to die from work. I look at the positive side of life, and it strengthens me every day. I love helping other people, and I offer a donation to charity every month. I know the feeling of having nothing and no one to help. I have been through, but I survive. Before I came to be the man of today, I was once a kid in a foundation. My parents are both dead. My mother died being hit by a car. I have lived with my father three years after mom’s death, but because of too much depression and anxiety, he has killed himself. I left alone since I don’t have siblings. I went to my aunties and uncles house to stay, but they were very strict and beaten from my little mistakes. I was just a kid and feel like no one was there to love me. I have run away to my relatives; they don’t treat me right but abuse me. I don’t have anything to eat, sleep in the street and beg. A nun saved me; she had seen me very ill and dying. She rushed me to the hospital and helped to recover. She had never left at my side. She feeds me and taken care. After weeks of medication, she brought me to a foundation and lived my life there. I have learned a lot with them and became close to Jesus. Through prayers and being good while in the foundation, a couple has adopted me. It was painful yet fulfilling because I can have a family. I will miss my friends and nuns there. I knew that I’d be back there and helped as I have received help. Through my good deeds in life, God blesses me more. I have invited to a dinner to accept business awards since I don’t have any companions, I have booked a cheap London escorts. We both went to the event, and her charm and funny attitudes wowed my friends. She was beautiful and charming. She has shared her little knowledge about business since she was studying business administration. I haven’t expected her to be open-minded and confident to herself. I feel lucky to get her as cheap London escorts, and that was not our first meet. I have invited her again to have a lunch date with me because of a sudden feeling I feel for her. It was like falling in love back. I never thought that someone as cheap London Escort I will be gone crazy. I have imagined her every day how perfect she is. She is kind and humble. We hang out many times and never heard her ask for money nor fancy things. She was natural and real every time. Months passed by, we have a secure connection but not committed. I have expressed my feelings towards her, and she became my girlfriend. She had never changed and took me an advantage. Her love was my drive, and I can’t live without her. After her graduation, I asked her to marry me, and she said yes. Our marriage became strong and healthy.